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High carbon content 
torrefied biomass

Decarbonising the EU steel industry and other large coal consumers globally
with CO2-neutral biocoal

About us

Started in 2015 by Bernd and Tom Sieverts, with support from global tech investors we have joined the few tech players developing  industrial process for biocoal manufacturing.

Global distribution partnerships

In our mission to introduce biocarbon as a new global commodity,   we rely on leading coal traders with vision for a greener coal market. Steelmakers and other large coal consumers have already realized the potential of CO2-neutral biomass-based coal. It will allow to minimize carbon emission costs with minimal investments in infrastructure.

Exclusive engineering and manufacturing partner


Founded in 1983 to address numerous industrial drying needs, CDS today is among the key engineering and equipment providers for biomass torrefaction employing 80 people in 10 countries.

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