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It is no secret that our earth is in trouble and we need to act now if we want to have a chance to save it. The culprit of our current conundrum is of course carbon dioxide emissions and their trajectory must be reversed if we want to remain a habitable planet. e3carbon makes this reversibility possible by providing carbon neutral and carbon negative solutions from sustainable biomass.
The result is a zero-emissions burning fuel source that can effectively replace coal as we know it, with the potential to save up to 15 billion  tons of carbon dioxide emissions. 


Carbon removal is the main focus of e3carbon's business development. Replacing fossil coal is paramount to our planet’s survival chances and we believe that together we can revolutionize the coal industry by providing state-of-the-art carbon removal solutions for industries around the world, indefinitely. All of this by simply utilising agricultural waste bi-products. It is time to act and nurture our environment back to homeostasis.


Taking feedstock/waste from a long list of sources and turning it into a CO  neutral substitute to fossil energy like coal. This process can have a massive impact on the reduction of global CO and help usher in regenerative healing that our planet needs so desperately.


The torrefaction process compresses and distills the energy density of waste products through a patented drying process that converts waste/feedstock from agricultural to industrial waste; from animal effluent to paper sludge into an efficient energy source; green coal with 95% less environmental impact than fossilized coal. Also removing the mining factor and the cost of transportation as the torrefaction process takes place at the source of the harvested waste.


e3carbon's CO₂ neutral green coal can usurp fossil coal from residential to commercial, as big as coal power stations, to cogeneration units, all the way down to residential heating. Therefore "green coal" is a great future energy source that can replace major parts of fossil coal to generate energy globally. This solution can help to reduce CO₂  emissions massively buying existing infrastructures. It can be a very fast shift to renewables without big investments in new energy plants.

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Coal combustion contributes a lot to global warming. Electricity from coal comprises 35% of world total electricity generation. As of 2020, 7.4bn tonnes of  coal were consumed. Today the world is seeking for alternative renewable energy sources and other CO-neutral solutions.


e3carbon fuel is such a solution, which is easy to implement! e3carbon GmbH is a German company that has revolutionary improved the production process of the carbon-neutral fuel used for heating and producing electricity, known as biocoal, implementing the unique R-O2 technology.
Unlike competitive torrefaction processes, e3carbon can use almost any type of organic waste as feedstock. The new e3carbon fuel will be a modified biomass and therefore fulfil the requirements to receive tradable “green certificates” for CO
reduction. Producing energy with e3carbon fuel will be CO neutral as stated clearly in RED II directives.

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e3carbon’s trading division provides a wide variety of regionally available, low value organic waste, recovers valuable renewable raw materials. Providing transportation of the materials, logistics and supply of high-quality bio-based commodities. This enables the sourcing and trading for e3carbon’s own conversion plants, as well as for third parties, in an environmentally and cost efficient manner.

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Intellectual Property

e3carbon holds exclusive license from CDS Group for use of its R-O2 tech for biomass modification:

  • controls temperature and air pressure in the biocoal torrefaction reactor

  • controls the exact amount of oxygen in the biocoal reactor (< 2%)

  • feeds the biocoal reactor with dry superheated-steam 

In combination with proprietary improvements to the process, e3carbon’s technology results in a high-quality, hydrophobic biocoal with superior characteristics:

  • Fully hydrophobic (unlike competition)

  • Very low ash content

  • High density and grindability

  • Homogenous production quality


This puts e3carbon in the position to develop and launch new projects globally. 

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E3carbon can provide financing to all kind of projects with the goal to reduce CO₂ emissions globally. 


See how the world has already changed. The time for change is NOW




+49 172 402 6972

e3coal GmbH

Hartkrögen 31

22559 Hamburg


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